Advanced Content Writing Course in Kerala

Learn to produce exceptional content by leveraging the power of AI + Human powered content writing courses in Kerala. 
2 weeks
of classroom training and
2 months
of internship.
content writing course in kerala
content writing course in kerala

Create Content That Stands Out And Get People To Listen

All Classes are offline


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content writing course in kerala

Join for the One on One Content Writing Course in Kerala

A copywriting training course like Blusteak Academy’s is carefully crafted to provide aspiring writers with the knowledge and abilities they need.

Students who complete this course will have a thorough understanding of digital marketing, SEO, and content creation, which will position them for success in the dynamic world of online content.

What's Different

at Blusteak Academy

Blusteak Academy is special because it teaches through real agency work, giving students a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

Expert Instructors

Learn from industry pros who bring practical, real-world knowledge to your education.

Collaborative Learning

Connect with fellow learners to share ideas and grow together.

Hands-On Projects

Get real experience working on projects for actual clients, helping you build skills and a portfolio.

Master Copywriting

Our program will turn you into a skilled copywriter ready for a successful career in the field.

content writing course in kerala

Skills you will learn

Proficiency in Research

Polished Writing Abilities

Profound Communication Skills

Astute Analytical Thinking

Proficiency in Harnessing Social Media

Exceptional Interpersonal Competence

Hear from Our students

“Working with Blusteak was a great experience. I started as a fresher in this industry and had the good fortune to work with reputable brands. All of my coworkers have been helpful and courteous during this period. Thank you blusteak.

content writing course in kerala
Ajay Anto

“Blusteak has cultivated me to think and be productive in my career as well as in my lifestyle. The working and performance space there has brought out a unique uplift in my profession”

content writing course in kerala
Pyari Prem

“Working at Blusteak has helped me to gain experiential learning in the digital landscape. The collaborative efforts, creative freedom, & friendly work culture made it a good organization for me to start my career.”

content writing course in kerala
Stuti Singh

“Working with Blusteak is not just only a number of Task to be done it’s rather getting an Experience as I finish one by one I feel it. It continuously motivates me with newer challenges and develops me to deploy my creativity and skills. I’m proud to work for this Company.”

content writing course in kerala
Akhilesh Suresh

“Working at Blusteak Media has been an amazing start to my career. As a fresher, I was grateful to have landed an internship here, where I received top-notch training and support from my manager and colleagues. The work environment and opportunities for growth have exceeded my expectations.”

content writing course in kerala
Ayushi Sonania

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Taking a course on content writing helps you gain skills for writing content and SEO with a focus on Kerala's unique market needs.

The course typically lasts 3 to 6 months, depending on your chosen level of expertise.

Yes, you have options to learn content writing online. But currently we are not offering online courses.

After completing the course, you can find jobs in social media content creation, SEO writing, freelance writing, and website content creation. 

Content writing course have no strict requirements. A good command of English and a passion for writing are beneficial, while advanced courses might need some basic digital marketing knowledge.

content writing course in kerala

Break free from traditional classroom training and learn the art of next-gen digital marketing.

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